Full Power. Full Range. Futureproof.

Charge any EV with maximum available power from any mains connection scheme and earthing system.
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All Your Charging Info At A Glance

Integrated OLED Display will present device status, operation mode, energy delivered, meter value in plain sight, and error code if anything goes wrong, making diagnosis easy.

One Year
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Your Low Carbon Lifestyle Adviser

  1. +Precisely right energy measurement
  2. +Remote connectivity
  3. +RAEDIAN App

Safety Above All

RAEDIAN NEO put your safety first with uncompromised high standards and conformity, with reputable 3rd party approval from TÜV SüD.


NEO is designed to withstand harsh climates and extreme conditions. With IP55 waterproof and IK10 impact-proof, and UV resistance, NEO can last long rain or shine and stay intact.


NEO is built to last. Heavily tested under 50C and 85% Humidity, passed the finish line after 2000+ hours full load operation, proving the exceptional durability and stability.


With 10 beyond standard safety features such as residual current protection, over/under voltage protection, phase imbalance, and over temperature protection, NEO can withstand grid and environmental impact, self-diagnosis and automatic recovery.

Organized In The Lighter Way

Cable management for both tethered and socket.


Easy access and winding with hard-wearing & lightweight cable.


Flexible switch from permantly locking your cable for home usage to take your cable to-go after charging session.

Embrace the "NEO" installation way.

Clip and Play

Modular design “sandwich” housing.

Easy to mount. Flexible routing. One clip to install.

With a wiring backplate and one clip installed main body, and plug and charge commission-free setup, one electrician can complete the installation with ease.

Build your own charging station




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