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EV Charger

  • You can choose from 7kW and 22kW. The greater the power, the faster the charge. To use a 22kW Wallbox, you need a three-phase power supply.

    Charging speed is dictated by the limits of your car battery, your RAEDIAN charge point will deliver what is requested by the vehicle up to the maximum limit.

    RAEDIAN ’s  Wallbox is available in 7kW for single phase input, 11kW for three phase,  and for futureproof for the modern EV,  22kW.

  • The charge cable of a tethered Wallbox is permanently attached to the unit.


    When you finish charging the unit, you simply coil the cable onto the unit. An untethered unit is supplied with a universal socket and can be used with any cable(for example charging an EV with Type 1 connector), including the cable supplied with your electric vehicle.

  • Yes, all our units are certified with both International IEC standard and EU CE standard, and UKCA for Great Britain.

  • Yes, our units are set as default to allow plug and charge, and also can be remotely set to Charge At Will using our free RAEDIAN App (available on Android or iOS). The NEO/NEX works remotely using Wi-Fi, allowing you to limit your Wallbox access even when you are not there. When the charging mode is set to Charging At Will, you will need RFID card or your App to authorize every single charging session.